This is not just a fridge you see in everybody's home,

when you see this fridge in someone's home you will instantly know they are a fan of  luxury, innovation, and moving into the future. No-Blight Fridge is something everybody needs. Our goal is to make sure we never waste any food, our vision will help us create less waste on our planet and to provide even more happiness to your homes.

Disclaimer: This is a mock project created by students at Millikan High School. Refrigerators are not actually available for purchase.

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What is No-Blight?

No-Blight is one of the most innovative and futuristic inventions for the modern day. It is something that most people would not think of needing, but this would help out everyone who had purchased a No-Blight Fridge. We have cameras placed all around our smart fridges to identify where any spoiled or expired foods are in your refrigerator. This will help families around the world save space in their refrigerators by allowing them to clear out what they do not need more efficiently. No-Blight is something everyone needs, as it will take your kitchen to the next level futuristically and allow for much more efficient food storage for your families.


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